Well for starters we are filmmakers. For years while shooting music video and commercials we were always looking for ways to make our images and frames stand out by holding different pieces of glass in front of the lens. We tried everything — from split diopters, champagne flutes, to cheap prisms. And if you’ve been in the same boat, than you know how hard this is! Trying to operate the camera, pull focus, and somehow have a free hand to hold a prism in front of the lens is nearly impossible. We looked for a product or solution to help with this and couldn’t find one — so we decided to make our own.

From filmmakers to photographers — this is for anyone looking to enhance their images! Our products can be used on cinema cameras, DSLRS, to an iphone — and everything in between. The creative possibilities of this product are endless, only limited to your creativity.

We aren’t a large conglomerate company making these overseas, we are two cinematographers hand crafting these in Los Angeles. We designed this to enable the creative behind the lens. Now go create!